Charting and Data Visualization Tools and Libraries For Web

Data is everywhere. It is very important to make sense of the data by “seeing” it. Visual clues make the data easier to understand and bring inspirations to people working or looking at them.

Around the web, there are plenty of visually appealing and interactive charting and data visualization tools/libraries available. Here is a collection of such tools and libraries. I try to make the list as exhaustive as possible so that people can benefit from it and decide objectively which tools or libraries suit their need. It is good to know what are available to choose better, right?

Charting and Data Visualization Tools/Libraries

Most of the tools/libraries listed here are built for websites or web apps use only.

    1. Amcharts

    2. Arbor.js

    3. Better World Flux

    4. BimeAnalytics

    5. BitConfig

    6. CanvasJS

    7. CartoDB

    8. Chart.js

    9. ChartJS

    10. Crossfilter

    11. cubism.js

    12. D3.js

    13. Data Visualization Software Lab

    14. dc.js

    15. dhtmlxChart

    16. Dipity

    17. Dygraphs


    19. Excel

    20. Exhibit

    21. Ext .Net

    22. Flot

    23. FusionCharts

    24. Gephi

    25. GoJS

    26. Google Developers

    27. Grafico

    28. gRaphaël

    29. GraphUp

    30. Highcharts

      This is my personal favorite charting library. It has very comprehensive documentation and examples to refer to. Therefore, it is very easy to pick up the charting skill with Highcharts.

    31. iCharts


    33. Infographic Charts and Graphics HTML Tags Library

    34. InstantAtlas

    35. Interactive CSS3 & jQuery Graph

    36. isoChart

    37. JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit

    38. jpGraph

    39. jqPlot

    40. jQuery OrgChart

    41. jQuery Sparklines

    42. JS Charts

    43. jsPlumb

    44. Kartograph

    45. KendoUI

    46. KeyLines

    47. Knoema

    48. Leaflet

    49. Many Eyes

    50. Modest Maps

    51. Morris.js

    52. Nevron

    53. NodeBox

    54. NVD3

    55. OpenLayers

    56. Peity

    57. Piktochart

    58. Plotly

    59. Polymaps

    60. QlikView

    61. Quadrigram

    62. R

    63. Raphaël

    64. Rickshaw

    65. Shield UI

    66. Sigmajs

    67. simplemaps

    68. Smart Data Report

    69. Tangle

    70. TeeChart

    71. Timeline

    72. TufteGraph

    73. Venngage


    75. Visualize Free

    76. Vizualize

    77. WolframAlpha

    78. xCharts

    79. ZingChart

    80. ZinoUI

If there are any interesting and cool charting tools and libraries that I missed and you think should be included here, please tell me by commenting below. Thanks! 🙂

  • Chloe

    Hi there! ZingChart here. Thanks for the feature and well done on such a comprehensive list. If your viewers would like to see some more charts, check out the gallery!

    • Chok Leong Chai

      @disqus_58xPd7ZJfk:disqus I added another snapshot of ZingChart gallery to the post.
      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  • Hi, thanks for the list of such a useful charting library.

  • HL

    this is a massive list!

    Million thanks!