Bursa data grabbed from KLSE Screener for record.

bursa20190502: 2019 May

bursa20190401: 2019 April

bursa20190303: 2019 March

bursa20190202: 2019 February

bursa20190102: 2019 January

bursa20181202: 2018 December

bursa20181102: 2018 November

bursa20181002: 2018 October

bursa20180903: 2018 September

bursa20180731: 2018 August

bursa20180701: 2018 July

bursa20180603: 2018 June

bursa20180503: 2018 May

bursa20180402: 2018 April

bursa20180303: 2018 March

bursa20180201: 2018 February

bursa20180103: 2018 January

bursa20171201: 2017 December

bursa20171105: 2017 November

bursa20171003: 2017 October

bursa20170902: 2017 September

bursa20170801: 2017 August

bursa20170703: 2017 July

bursa20170531: 2017 June

bursa20170501: 2017 May

bursa20170402: 2017 April

bursa20170302: 2017 March

bursa20170201: 2017 February

bursa20170102: 2017 January

bursa20161203: 2016 December

bursa20161103: 2016 November

bursa20161003: 2016 October

bursa20160901: 2016 September

bursa20160806: 2016 August

bursa20160705: 2016 July

bursa20160602: 2016 June

bursa20160501: 2016 May

bursa20160402: 2016 April

bursa20160301: 2016 March

bursa20160201: 2016 February

bursa20160101: 2016 January

bursa20151203: 2015 December

bursa20151101: 2015 November

bursa20151002: 2015 October

bursa20150903: 2015 September

bursa20150802: 2015 August

bursa20150701: 2015 July

bursa20150604: 2015 June

bursa20150501: 2015 May

bursa20150403: 2015 April

bursa20150301: 2015 March

bursa20150131: 2015 February

bursa20150103: 2015 January

bursa20141206: 2014 December

Bursa Screener

A Bursa screener is being developed by investor for investors that you can access here.

Bursa Screener

Bursa Screener

  • Conservative Investor

    May I know how do you grabbed the bursa data above from KLSE Screener?

  • Anthony

    May I know how to use KLSE screener on your blog?

  • Anthony

    Thank you very much Chok. Can share your fix setting when you do the screener.

    • Since you asked, I added a default filter setting (Look for the blue button “Apply magic filters to find undervalued companies”).

      The default filters search for companies that have been running for more than 10 years and have no losing quarters since 5 years ago. These companies also have low DE.

      Note: these filters will exclude all banks, insurance companies, etc that have higher debts or all new companies. There is no perfect filters. So use at your own risk.

  • Anthony

    Thank you very much Chok. Do you have personal e-mail address?

    • Sure. But sharing email address publicly will cause spams.

      If you have questions, you can ask here and I try my best to answer. Other could benefit too.

  • Anthony

    DE zero value mean no debt. How about positive and negative value?

  • Anthony

    So the DE Zero value is the perfect?

    • Perfect is a subjective word. It is perfect only when that is what you are looking for.

      As in food, some people don’t want sugar at all. Some want just a little. And others want a lot to make the food tastier.

      You need to know what you really want to be able to answer the question. If you don’t know, you can always experiment and see whether you like to outcome.

      Only you can answer the question because i don’t know your taste.

  • Anthony

    Thank you very much Chok. I would like to learn from you if you able to teach me. Thank you.

  • Anthony

    Thank you very much Chok. Do you have any recommended or guideline for reference when your select the good stock. Please advice.

    • The guideline is in the books. Once you finish some of them you will basically have better understanding on how to choose good stocks. But if you really don’t have time, then select just one of the books and read and fully understand it. I cannot do that for you (even if I wanted to).

      One of the books I recommend is http://amzn.to/1WFsM6C “One Up On Wall Street: How To Use What You Already Know To Make Money In The Market”. It is a timeless book written by the master himself. And it is surprisingly easy to understand and digest.

  • Anthony

    Thank you very much. May I know which website is the best to learn TA and FA. Thank you.

    • This one I can’t help because I don’t know. What I can say is any info that help is good info. Try to read as much as possible so that you can do your own thinking.

      I also like shortcut. But I don’t think it exist. I can sense that you are eagerly finding shortcut (with the use of words like perfect, the best, etc). Probably i am wrong.

  • Ng Pk

    Hi, the recently posted bursa data is not in cvs file, may i know if there is any other way to convert it to cvs/excel file?

    • Hi! You can simply rename the extension (.txt) to comma-separated-value (.csv). It will work. E.G.: change bursa20190502.txt to bursa20190502.csv

      • Ng Pk

        Hi, that mean that I need to download the file? Cause after I click to the link, it linked me to another page http://www.chokleong.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/bursa20190102.txt, & there is no download selection. Thank you.

        • You can right-click on the link to download the file. E.G.: In Chrome, right-click on the link and select “Save link as…” to download the file to your local computer. Then you can rename the file to csv format.

          • Ng Pk

            Hi, Thank you so much!!!