What is The Highest Return Investing in Top Malaysian Funds over The Last 10 years?

Morningstar is a a leading provider of independent investment research around the world. Based on its website, there are 620 investment funds (mutual fund, unit trust, bond fund, etc) in Malaysian markets.

Top Malaysian Funds over The Last 10 Years from Morningstar

Top Malaysian Funds over The Last 10 Years from Morningstar website

Here are the performance records of these 620 funds as of 30 April 2015.

Fund NameRisk ProfileYTD Return (%)1 Yr Return (%)3 Yr Anlsd (%)5 Yr Anlsd (%)10 Yr Anlsd (%)
Kenanga GrowthHigh13.3113.9419.7121.2517.44
Eastspring Investments Small-capHigh12.979.3531.7120.5916.50
RHB-OSK Smart TreasureHigh19.558.1113.6912.8915.75
Public SmallCapMod8.5411.8317.2212.1215.69
Manulife Investment ProgressHigh12.185.6319.2114.6515.37
RHB-OSK Smart BalancedHigh17.6814.7217.7814.3815.35
RHB-OSK Growth & Income FocusHigh13.268.3614.5012.2715.16
AMB Ethical TrustHigh0.89-5.2213.6112.1614.84
RHB-OSK Emerging Opp UTHigh6.79-0.7315.6015.8114.69
RHB-OSK Goldenlife 2030High5.64-0.2711.199.5214.49
CIMB-Principal EquityMod4.24-0.5611.2512.2414.23
Kenanga Syariah GrowthHigh6.85-0.4111.2715.2114.12
AMB Value Trust A-MYRMod0.70-6.087.759.1814.03
Eastspring Investments Dana al-IlhamHigh6.305.7917.3115.9513.33
Affin Hwang Select Asia (ex Jpn) QuantumHigh8.9112.7617.0116.9213.32
KAF VISION FUNDHigh18.9615.2122.8316.7513.23
HLG Consumer Product SFHigh9.84-0.188.4013.0912.77
Manulife Investment ValueHigh8.620.299.759.5912.61
Kenanga IslamicHigh5.92-0.9010.2912.0112.32
RHB-OSK Equity TrustHigh0.40-1.7010.0810.5612.22
Manulife Investment GrowthHigh3.49-0.138.999.5912.20
Affin Hwang Select OpportunityMod6.035.8614.2013.9212.12
CIMB-Principal Small CapHigh0.17-2.6818.9814.8112.09
CIMB Islamic DALI Equity GrowthMod3.52-0.0311.2012.1711.93
RHB-OSK Goldenlife 2020Mod4.532.447.747.1111.82
Public Focus SelectMod5.762.677.6410.5811.74
Apex Dana Al-Faiz-i IncMod7.213.5810.329.4911.73
PB GrowthMod3.912.887.867.0911.64
Public Regular SavingsMod1.09-0.698.369.7011.56
Affin Hwang Aiiman GrowthHigh4.66-1.4712.6512.4111.37
Eastspring Investments Equity IncomeMod4.432.0414.3914.3811.36
RHB-OSK Sm Cap Opp UTHigh13.3211.8219.1915.1611.27
Libra TacticalExtra FundMod3.751.179.688.3911.15
RHB-OSK Kidsave TrustMod9.924.617.498.4911.14
Pacific PearlHigh3.24-9.359.608.3011.06
Pacific DividendMod1.79-5.067.377.8611.01
Eastspring Investments Dana DinamikMod5.835.1115.0613.0911.00
Phillip Master Eq GrowthHigh4.70-8.9311.0311.2711.00
Eastspring Investments GrowthHigh5.324.6014.1912.0710.96
CIMB-Principal Equity Growth & IncomeMod7.268.3312.929.8910.95
CIMB Islamic DALI EquityMod6.227.3611.159.0410.86
Manulife Investment AL-FaidHigh3.570.869.408.8610.82
Affin Hwang Select BalancedLow5.432.798.519.8510.78
AmTotal ReturnMod-0.29-2.0410.8811.8110.75
Manulife Investment Regular SavingsHigh9.903.808.8610.4310.64
Libra EquityExtra FundHigh4.533.8413.4710.2110.58
CIMB Islamic EquityMod8.3311.8611.608.5710.48
Pacific RecoveryMod2.01-8.066.407.2210.47
CIMB-Principal Equity 2High1.69-1.759.9111.8710.46
AmIslamic GrowthHigh6.230.9312.3311.7610.36
Public SavingsMod2.781.917.686.6510.26
Libra DividendExtra FundHigh12.244.8810.8511.3210.23
Public GrowthLow1.920.498.047.4710.21
Public EquityMod3.661.988.407.2210.21
Public Islamic EquityMod1.551.408.999.0810.15
Manulife Investment Syariah IndexMod0.84-
CIMB-Principal Equity Aggressive 1High1.27-
Public IttikalMod0.633.4610.358.769.87
Public IndexMod1.62-2.907.557.949.86
AMB Index-Linked TrustMod0.42-3.897.728.319.79
CIMB-Principal KLCI-LinkedMod0.59-4.026.768.509.72
AmDividend IncomeMod5.592.4212.4210.889.68
Apex Dana AslahMod8.153.9311.569.409.65
Public Aggressive GrowthMod-2.82-5.114.925.409.63
Kenanga Blue ChipMod0.67-1.875.757.399.59
Public IndustryMod3.571.748.687.699.53
RHB-OSK Dynamic FundHigh8.53-4.9411.4510.779.49
Manulife Investment Equity IndexMod0.27-4.416.558.329.43
RHB-OSK Dana IslamHigh17.14-1.418.8510.409.35
Pacific PremierHigh4.48-5.396.896.779.25
Hong Leong Penny StockHigh14.7913.4010.899.549.09
Hong Leong StrategicMod5.243.877.727.039.03
Pacific MillenniumMod1.98-6.693.905.009.02
Dana Makmur PheimMod4.233.4011.579.958.96
Eastspring Investments BalancedMod9.768.1413.3011.558.87
CIMB Islamic Equity AggressiveHigh3.28-0.749.809.518.76
RHB-OSK Capital FundHigh4.05-6.457.418.418.74
AmMalaysia EquityHigh5.34-0.8211.5710.698.62
Kenanga Ekuiti IslamHigh2.12-5.976.327.598.60
Eastspring Investments DynamicMod22.9623.8615.2411.808.56
RHB-OSK KLCI TrackerMod0.24-4.646.767.878.55
CIMB-Principal Equity Aggressive 3High-0.66-6.655.467.068.45
RHB-OSK Smart IncomeMod11.5410.5210.888.638.39
Pacific Dana AmanHigh1.66-6.156.387.058.37
Kenanga PremierHigh7.91-
PMB Shariah GrowthHigh20.068.0814.4512.488.33
Affin Hwang Select IncomeLow5.299.847.738.168.27
TA High GrowthHigh-2.71-9.944.103.898.27
CIMB Islamic Small CapHigh4.93-12.1411.3310.198.25
AmIslamic BalancedLow4.013.018.618.408.20
AmDynamic BondLow2.246.394.176.358.15
CIMB-Principal Balanced IncomeMod2.62-1.675.967.758.04
Hong Leong Dana MaarofMod6.914.695.765.927.99
PB BalancedLow3.733.226.014.897.93
Kenanga Islamic BalancedLow4.740.556.217.487.90
Apex Dana Al-Sofi-iHigh10.033.7310.248.457.88
Public BalancedLow3.764.346.614.457.87
RHB-OSK Malaysia DIVA FundHigh9.26-6.5412.4811.357.85
PMB Shariah IndexMod7.550.998.168.647.79
Hong Leong BalancedLow9.429.317.837.837.68
CIMB-Principal BalancedMod2.50-3.565.787.957.65
Kenanga BalancedMod4.441.326.037.307.51
Hong Leong GrowthMod11.4711.1810.247.987.47
Hong Leong Dana MakmurMod10.866.598.328.277.46
CIMB Islamic Balanced GrowthMod2.311.898.049.247.35
AMB Dana YakinHigh3.59-3.229.8810.057.28
Libra Amanah Saham WanitaHigh4.853.099.127.967.22
CIMB-Principal Equity IncomeMod9.4614.3314.739.517.21
AMB Unit TrustHigh1.17-1.719.189.517.17
BIMB i GrowthHigh1.80-2.946.057.157.10
TA CometMod1.890.476.205.917.09
Kenanga Growth OpportunitiesHigh13.93-2.4011.9611.867.09
BIMB Dana Al-FalahMod0.80-2.524.074.497.08
CIMB Islamic BalancedLow6.469.628.507.017.07
Pacific SELECT BalanceMod2.80-3.255.485.636.97
Hong Leong DividendMod5.613.198.839.306.96
TA GrowthMod1.62-1.524.326.646.91
Kenanga Shariah Growth OpportunitiesHigh5.30-4.359.6510.896.72
Kenanga Managed GrowthMod3.70-2.294.756.456.69
Manulife Investment BalancedMod5.510.876.396.956.67
Affin Hwang EquityMod3.53-5.674.134.776.59
RHB-OSK Goldenlife TodayLow3.506.375.245.836.57
Pacific IncomeLow1.21-0.183.384.476.55
RHB-OSK Income 1Low4.772.376.446.686.53
Libra VersatileExtra FundMod8.494.017.426.206.40
Kenanga DiversifiedMod4.07-1.819.099.436.23
CIMB-Principal Strategic BondLow1.812.063.975.356.22
KAF TACTICAL FUNDHigh3.83-17.531.622.646.21
Affin Hwang Aiiman BalancedLow0.54-0.114.324.906.19
AMB Dana IkhlasLow0.820.
Public Islamic BondLow2.495.313.925.386.17
PMB Shariah PremierMod7.746.897.448.446.07
Affin Hwang Select Bond (RM)Low3.168.406.936.556.05
PMB Dana Al-AimanMod6.070.255.786.905.99
Affin Hwang Aiiman Income PlusLow2.174.733.514.865.96
KAF DANA ALIFMod3.273.416.466.225.96
BIMB Dana Al-MunsifLow0.18-2.223.914.265.91
TA IslamicHigh6.08-2.692.572.785.90
RHB-OSK Islamic BondLow3.028.0810.878.225.88
AMB Balanced TrustLow1.700.096.446.955.87
CIMB-Principal Inc Plus BalancedLow1.860.183.925.865.74
Public Enhanced BondLow2.464.384.585.375.65
Pheim Emerging Co BalancedMod4.165.926.976.875.60
Apex Malaysia Growth TrustHigh6.710.077.226.895.59
RHB-OSK Mudharabah FundMod7.00-5.582.124.235.53
AMB Small Cap TrustHigh2.94-7.2610.669.845.45
RHB-OSK Islamic Growth FundHigh9.05-5.763.776.315.44
PMB Shariah Mid-CapMod5.272.294.504.065.42
PB Fixed IncomeLow2.004.493.434.755.41
AmCumulative GrowthHigh15.3827.149.484.845.38
KAF FIRST FUNDHigh6.8011.979.377.765.33
Public BondLow1.934.583.715.485.29
Libra SyariahExtra FundMod4.784.568.968.185.29
Pheim IncomeLow4.004.654.124.655.20
Eastspring Investments Dana al-IslahLow2.172.435.167.125.01
CIMB Islamic Enhanced SukukLow1.612.444.395.454.99
AMB Lifestyle Trust TodayLow1.961.115.355.024.82
TA Small CapHigh4.62-4.583.734.594.74
CIMB-Principal BondLow1.774.363.644.444.59
PMB Shariah TacticalMod3.541.966.226.864.58
Libra BondExtra FundLow2.785.704.735.224.56
MIDF Amanah StrategicHigh20.436.416.224.004.52
AmBon IslamLow2.174.983.264.304.51
Hong Leong BondLow2.
Hong Leong Bond - StandaloneLow2.
PMB Shariah AggressiveHigh22.2712.2219.4913.604.40
RHB-OSK Income Fund 2Low2.615.524.254.764.26
Kenanga BondLow1.603.292.213.504.24
TA IncomeLow1.93-2.683.854.314.20
Manulife Investment AS-SaadLow1.864.573.393.864.15
Pacific SELECT IncomeLow1.750.362.482.844.13
Libra AsnitaBond FundLow2.746.584.685.114.11
Manulife Investment BondLow2.014.563.574.324.01
AMB Dana ArifLow2.856.584.635.624.00
AMB Income TrustMod3.8513.9615.1313.063.99
CIMB Islamic SukukLow2.255.273.684.363.85
Kenanga Shariah BalancedMod-1.00-11.39-0.102.683.78
TA Dana OptimixMod5.400.952.182.813.75
Kenanga Income PlusLow1.833.862.763.933.72
Public Institutional BondLow1.964.123.513.613.66
RHB-OSK Bond FundLow3.117.575.657.783.65
PMB Shariah TNB EmployeesMod5.71-0.426.446.063.58
Libra IncomeExtra FundMod10.209.3410.514.993.57
AmIncome PlusLow1.473.493.113.193.46
Affin Hwang BondLow1.584.223.413.843.46
Pacific Dana MurniLow1.633.833.013.503.41
Eastspring Investments Dana WafiLow2.004.633.303.413.35
Eastspring Investments BondLow9.1612.504.315.723.28
Libra MoneyExtra FundLow1.764.223.483.363.25
Kenanga Bon IslamLow1.422.721.632.133.03
Affin Hwang Select CashLow1.413.433.193.162.98
PMB Dana MutiaraMod7.17-
KAF ENHANCED BOND FUNDMod0.5712.333.742.972.97
Public Money MarketLow1.363.263.012.902.88
PMB Dana BestariMod9.84-1.474.894.652.82
Manulife Investment Money MarketLow1.343.092.862.772.81
KSC Capital Berhad ValueMod6.58-0.523.044.482.72
CIMB-Principal Money Market IncomeLow1.243.152.962.932.69
BIMB Dana Al-FakhimLow1.
CIMB-Principal DepositLow1.323.142.822.772.60
Eastspring Investments CashLow1.403.343.173.062.57
PMB Shariah Cash ManagementLow1.092.892.872.682.50
MIDF Amanah DynamicHigh12.1310.053.361.672.30
MIDF Amanah Money MarketLow0.691.561.041.132.22
AmCash ManagementLow1.132.702.332.202.10
Phillip Master Money MarketLow0.541.661.661.662.06
Apex QuantumHigh-3.06-17.88-5.32-2.561.98
PKB Tabung KumipaMod-2.620.743.351.47
PMB Shariah BalancedLow4.894.055.663.891.11
MIDF Amanah Shariah Money MarketLow1.373.002.603.610.93
MIDF Amanah IslamicHigh11.737.000.330.370.85
AMB Enhanced Bond TrustLow2.574.104.385.180.41
MIDF Amanah growthHigh9.973.50-2.47-1.430.37
KAF DANA AL-IDDIKHARLow1.363.222.982.90-
KAF CORE INCOME FUNDMod3.641.0910.3711.62-
AmAsia-Pacific Property EquitiesHigh11.5618.0515.317.82-
AmGlobal Property EqMod3.8216.6613.329.28-
AmIncome AdvantageLow1.383.002.241.61-
AmIncome ExtraLow2.114.651.070.69-
AmIncome PremiumLow1.413.172.682.60-
AmIncome RewardHigh1.934.58-4.10-1.39-
AmOasis Global Islamic EquityLow6.5615.0713.717.14-
AmSchroder European Equity AlphaHigh10.775.1216.727.77-
Apex Dana Al-KanzLow1.092.832.762.59-
Apex DynamicMod9.391.375.175.82-
CIMB Islamic Asia Pacific EquityMod12.0821.4511.354.35-
CIMB-Principal Global TitansMod11.8424.3318.3511.37-
CIMB-Principal Inst Bd 2Low1.523.693.393.19-
Hong Leong Asia-Pacific DividendHigh1.83-1.670.920.80-
Hong Leong Institutional BondLow2.084.403.353.36-
Affin Hwang Enhanced DepositLow1.463.473.213.10-
Affin Hwang Select Asia (ex Japan) OppMod12.9813.289.855.32-
Manulife Investment AL-FauzanMod3.533.3911.1711.88-
Manulife Investment AL-UmranMod4.430.355.316.41-
Manulife Investment DividendMod4.344.2811.1312.61-
Manulife Investment-ML FlexiMod8.282.5910.966.01-
Manulife Investment PacificHigh17.9727.479.975.37-
AMB Dividend TrustLow4.508.1212.7713.59-
RHB-OSK Global AllocationMod5.787.937.215.43-
RHB-OSK Money MarketLow1.323.443.283.05-
RHB-OSK Asia PacificMod4.3612.506.251.58-
RHB-OSK Global Equity YieldHigh12.6220.9612.488.69-
RHB-OSK ResourcesHigh4.75-10.41-1.48-0.67-
Pacific Asia BrandsMod10.4814.506.672.84-
Pacific CashLow1.373.323.043.01-
Pacific Focus18Mod8.
Pacific Global StarsMod10.1511.274.823.66-
PB Asia EquityMod14.7426.9415.585.45-
PB Cash ManagementLow1.353.242.992.85-
PB Islamic Asia EquityMod10.0014.2810.086.48-
PB Islamic BondLow2.465.424.456.68-
PB Islamic EquityMod3.363.6510.388.56-
Pheim Asia ex-JapanHigh9.469.325.821.55-
Pheim Asia ex-Japan IslamicHigh7.596.5210.655.44-
Eastspring Inv Asia Pacific Equity MYHigh11.1318.8410.456.57-
Eastspring Inv Asia Select IncomeLow7.3716.128.875.23-
Eastspring Investments Global Leaders MYMod10.6814.1114.588.20-
Eastspring Inv Institutional IncomeLow1.323.192.822.82-
Public Asia IttikalMod10.6414.3710.366.99-
Public Dividend SelectMod1.59-1.817.089.24-
Public Far-East DividendMod14.3529.9412.124.27-
Public Far-East SelectHigh16.3334.2315.404.71-
Public Global SelectLow7.6817.9415.538.38-
Public Islamic Mixed AssetLow1.670.615.895.36-
Public Islamic DividendMod1.151.098.3610.14-
Public Islamic Enhanced BondLow1.674.114.184.70-
Public Islamic OpportunitiesHigh7.667.5314.8311.67-
Public Regional SectorMod9.9818.8014.053.68-
Public Select BondLow1.823.983.383.75-
RHB-OSK Dividend Valued Equity FundHigh17.9321.296.983.73-
CIMB-Principal Asian EquityHigh14.2830.7619.537.61-
TA Asia Pac Islamic BalancedLow9.4612.094.213.38-
TA CashPlusLow1.232.932.782.64-
TA Global Asset AllocatorLow-1.214.804.692.81-
TA Islamic CashPlusLow0.632.492.312.00-
TA South East Asia EquityMod1.508.138.378.59-
Manulife Investment AL-Ma'MunLow1.363.152.922.76-
Manulife Investment CM FlexiHigh-4.38-9.699.5610.20-
Pacific AsiaPac IncomeLow6.869.856.524.62-
Manulife Investment Asia-Pacific REITMod7.0419.0712.7311.63-
Pacific Dana Dividen IncMod4.45-0.044.754.51-
Hong Leong Islamic Income ManagementLow1.453.332.772.77-
Manulife Investment-HW FlexiHigh3.78-0.7812.2314.17-
PB ASEAN DividendHigh1.467.768.989.82-
TA European EquityMod10.719.5215.598.62-
Areca Income TrustLow1.803.563.093.71-
Areca Equity TrustHigh7.746.0116.5713.36-
Areca Money TrustLow1.362.942.892.69-
Areca Enhanced IncomeLow3.281.953.374.51-
Kenanga Islamic Money MarketLow1.222.862.471.98-
Kenanga Money MarketLow1.373.233.053.00-
Kenanga Malaysian IncHigh10.783.2510.088.85-
Apex Asian (Ex Japan)Mod7.777.201.481.11-
Public Islamic Money MarketLow1.333.223.022.90-
Public Islamic Asia DividendMod8.7410.389.878.69-
Public Tactical AllocationMod14.0627.5011.846.67-
Kenanga Global DividendMod7.6712.8614.037.81-
PB Cash PlusLow1.393.293.032.90-
Public Islamic Select BondLow1.663.853.444.15-
Public Far-East Property and ResortsHigh6.7010.4211.1012.48-
Public China SelectHigh23.6345.7617.576.65-
Public Far-East BalancedLow10.9014.017.174.33-
Public Sector SelectMod2.932.508.589.49-
Public South-East Asia SelectHigh1.759.168.699.37-
Public Islamic Sector SelectMod1.37-
Public Islamic Asia Tactical AllocationMod12.3115.139.896.47-
Manulife Investment Shariah AsiaPacificMod10.1010.973.812.89-
RHB-OSK Global New StarsMod18.4616.45-1.88-0.85-
RHB-OSK Golden DragonMod21.5935.1213.966.75-
RHB-OSK Asian Real EstateHigh22.1037.1615.669.19-
RHB-OSK Asia Active AllocationLow3.4510.647.935.47-
RHB-OSK Thematic GrowthMod5.125.2210.6011.47-
RHB-OSK Institutional Islamic Money MarkLow1.343.202.812.68-
RHB-OSK Asian Growth OpportunitiesHigh13.2513.7113.075.17-
RHB-OSK Big Cap China EnterpriseHigh30.1156.2820.089.80-
Affin Hwang Aiiman Cash ILow1.483.483.173.06-
Affin Hwang Money MarketLow0.982.142.302.57-
Affin Hwang Sel AsaPac exJpn REITs&InfraMod7.3716.4115.129.78-
Affin Hwang Global CommodityHigh-2.63-28.72-11.71-5.39-
Affin Hwang Absolute Return IIMod7.9316.6221.0611.79-
Public China IttikalMod13.4723.0112.724.93-
PB Islamic Asia Strategic SectorMod10.3213.289.685.47-
PB Euro Pacific EquityMod13.3519.5014.065.96-
PB China Pacific EquityHigh24.4052.6819.038.30-
PB Asia Real Estate IncomeMod5.018.107.459.83-
Hong Leong Asia-Pacific InfrastructureHigh6.
Hong Leong Asia-Pacific Income PlusLow2.724.893.602.73-
RHB-OSK Malaysia DividendMod5.25-1.048.4010.32-
Manulife Investment-CM Shariah FlexiIHigh0.84-8.5410.9011.20-
Public Islamic Select TreasuresHigh8.444.069.539.62-
Public China TitansHigh21.0337.9114.476.05-
Public Islamic Optimal GrowthMod-4.58-6.446.126.96-
PB China ASEAN EquityHigh17.7142.0418.346.41-
PB Islamic Cash ManagementLow1.303.152.952.81-
PB Islamic Cash PlusLow1.333.202.992.86-
Public Far-East Consumer ThemesMod9.124.685.094.09-
KAF ADVANTAGE GEM BOND FUNDHigh4.122.640.910.14-
Libra Consumer and Leisure Asia FundHigh18.2429.6614.9512.59-
AmPrecious MetalHigh1.57-13.84-20.38-16.70-
AmGlobal AgribusinessHigh6.969.727.415.25-
AmPan European Property EquitiesHigh10.4622.3724.5614.95-
AmGlobal Emerging Market OpportunitiesHigh4.287.686.651.44-
RHB-OSK Global CapitalMod3.0015.8515.498.32-
Singular ValueHigh6.656.3712.129.01-
Singular Asia FlexibleHigh24.8929.9913.599.77-
TA Asian Dividend IncomeMod9.1316.7612.026.89-
Hong Leong Global ValueHigh5.99-1.3310.445.38-
Hong Leong Global BondHigh2.130.092.943.10-
Kenanga Principal Protected IncomeLow1.292.882.542.37-
Kenanga Global Emerging Markets DebtLow0.00-2.400.32-1.59-
TA Dana FokusHigh4.33-5.533.701.64-
RHB-OSK Global Multi Manager FundLow6.4213.9311.928.47-
RHB-OSK Cash Management FundLow1.493.563.263.04-
RHB-OSK Asian Total Return FundLow5.6314.397.334.52-
RHB-OSK Global Themes FundHigh10.6815.7515.857.66-
RHB-OSK Global Fortune FundLow8.8513.6611.997.74-
RHB-OSK Islamic Cash Management FundLow1.443.483.192.95-
Eastspring Investments Islamic IncomeLow1.533.583.223.07-
Eastspring Inv Global Emerging MarketsHigh10.2212.047.283.71-
Eastspring Investments Global Basics MYMod10.7310.205.704.11-
Eastspring Investments Enhanced IncomeLow4.587.925.324.73-
Eastspring Inv Asia Pacific Shariah EqMod15.7714.586.974.82-
CIMB-Principal ASEAN EquityHigh1.6610.726.835.55-
CIMB Islamic DALI Equity ThemeHigh3.320.5811.5510.67-
CIMB-Principal Greater China EquityHigh26.5946.8818.839.76-
KAF BondLow3.146.944.556.10-
KAF JadeMod10.699.998.361.91-
KAF Money MarketLow1.393.343.263.28-
CIMB-Principal Wholesale EquityHigh-2.63-8.1810.8911.36-
AM-Namaa' Asia-Pacific Equity GrowthMod7.1415.535.144.49-
PMB Shariah DividendMod12.8212.717.137.35-
CIMB Islamic Money MarketLow1.343.253.033.00-
Namaa Asia Pacific Equity GrowthMod5.6312.653.331.96-
Public Islamic Select EnterprisesMod0.700.379.7011.60-
Public Islamic IncomeLow1.954.373.244.10-
Public Far-East Telco & InfrastructureMod9.7323.8215.007.65-
RHB-OSK Cash Management 2Low1.453.483.183.02-
Hong Leong Income ManagementLow1.513.523.132.98-
Affin Hwang Aiiman EquityMod1.15-3.545.585.55-
Manulife Investment Greater ChinaHigh26.5341.1212.424.74-
AmCash 30Low1.013.032.942.87-
Affin Hwang Aiiman Money MarketLow1.423.353.342.77-
Libra Liquidity FundLow1.473.543.282.70-
RHB-OSK Energy FundHigh0.51-26.42-6.71-5.01-
InterPac CashLow0.483.022.232.14-
InterPac Dana SafiHigh4.71-6.763.685.24-
InterPac Dynamic EquityMod4.25-12.19-0.074.45-
TA All Cycle Commodities IncomeLow-1.743.143.450.75-
Kenanga Principal Protected Income IILow0.000.001.501.87-
Pacific Focus ChinaHigh21.5940.8516.378.23-
CIMB Islamic Greater China EquityHigh18.8626.5110.404.59-
Public Select Alpha-30 FundMod1.10-5.246.656.13-
PB Australia Dynamic Balanced FundHigh2.330.865.405.77-
Public Natural Resources EquityHigh4.53-7.620.39-2.63-
RHB-OSK Gold and GeneralHigh11.62-6.50-16.91-13.33-
Affin Hwang Principled GrowthMod1.77-5.454.636.53-
Public Australia EquityHigh3.07-0.128.335.92-
CIMB Islamic DepositLow1.222.992.692.56-
Manulife Investment US EquityLow5.1820.9817.099.57-
AmBRIC EquityHigh17.7915.955.55-1.27-
Eastspring Investments Dinasti EquityMod18.3227.0312.487.16-
CIMB Islamic Global Commodities EquityHigh6.64-5.461.47-0.84-
CIMB-Principal China-India-Indonesia EqHigh10.2524.7913.675.10-
RHB-OSK ASEAN FundHigh2.435.067.629.08-
Pacific ELITE DividendMod-1.01-8.776.947.12-
Pacific ELIT Dana AmanHigh4.49-4.949.638.91-
Pacific ELIT Dana DividenMod1.86-4.233.503.33-
Pacific ELIT Islamic AsiaPac BalancedLow0.91-5.902.512.80-
RHB-OSK Asia ConsumerMod8.15-0.872.494.24-
Public Islamic Asia Leaders EquityMod13.7117.649.706.10-
CIMB-Principal Australian EquityHigh6.60-0.488.016.34-
Affin Hwang Select AUD Income - MYRMod0.702.703.885.71-
RHB-OSK Islamic Income Plus Fund 1Low1.443.453.233.04-
Libra Dana SafaLow1.734.263.583.51-
Pacific Global A.I.R.High7.31-3.33-2.30-3.11-
Manulife Investment - India EquityHigh7.0727.2518.214.71-
Manulife Bond PlusLow2.254.643.503.40-
Manulife Investment - China ValueHigh29.6756.5919.609.76-
Manulife Investment - Global ResourcesHigh5.45-9.91-2.26-4.88-
Manulife Equity PlusMod3.831.8410.7610.17-
Areca GrowthTrust FundHigh12.9114.225.492.42-
RHB-OSK China-India Dynamic Growth FundHigh18.0545.2620.367.39-
PB China Australia Equity FundHigh17.2237.9516.625.35-
TA BRIC and Emerging Markets FundHigh11.5514.662.770.41-
Public Far-East Alpha-30Mod17.2927.6514.374.94-
Kenanga Global OppHigh7.89-6.930.55--
RHB-OSK Flexifund Money Market RMB*Low1.909.845.83--
RHB-OSK Flexifund Equity China "A" *High45.25137.3722.10--
PB Singapore Advantage-30 Equity FundHigh5.9010.418.96--
PB Infrastructure Bond FundLow2.615.613.75--
Public Optimal Growth FundMod2.04-0.679.87--
Pacific ELITE Emerging MarketsHigh11.796.541.39--
Pacific ELITE Global StrategicMod6.432.240.79--
Pacific ELITE Asia DividendMod6.286.164.76--
AmCommodities EquityHigh-0.58-7.564.38--
Pacific ELITE China Growth FundHigh23.0041.3915.81--
Affin Hwang TacticalLow1.20-2.694.36--
Public Indonesia SelectHigh-3.985.722.69--
United CashLow1.393.393.21--
Manulife Investment Indonesia EquityHigh-6.85-22.64-12.21--
AmAdvantage BRICHigh15.449.114.41--
AmIslamic Greater China - MYRMod11.3222.425.39--
PB Indonesia BalancedHigh-3.513.541.38--
RHB-OSK US Focus EquityHigh6.8818.7215.80--
AmIslamic Greater ChinaMod11.4022.515.36--
AmIslamic Greater China - SGDMod11.3222.495.37--
AmanahRaya Islamic EquityMod3.692.465.956.93-
AmanahRaya Syariah TrustLow2.185.363.544.81-
AmanahRaya Unit TrustLow2.005.043.444.84-
Public Islamic Infrastructure BondLow2.375.273.77--
Public Islamic Alpha-40 GrowthMod4.192.197.90--
AmConstant Multi MaturityHigh-26.04-24.27-14.31--
Public Strategic BondLow2.014.453.39--
Public Islamic Strategic BondLow2.074.753.56--
RHB-OSK Asia Financials FundHigh21.5247.9417.01--
RHB-OSK-GS BRIC Equity FundHigh19.5021.828.88--
CIMB-Principal Asia Pacific Dynamic IncMod12.2826.6023.61--
Libra Resource Equity FundHigh4.27-17.26-5.24--
Eastspring Investments MY FocusHigh5.914.4325.37--
PB Asia Pacific EnterprisesMod13.7216.3310.28--
Affin Hwang Select AUD Income - AUDMod0.332.053.77--
Affin Hwang Select DividendMod5.367.4413.95--
RHB-OSK Indonesia Equity GrowthHigh-6.50-1.930.58--
Eastspring Investments Indonesia Eq MYHigh-0.375.100.01--
Manulife Investment Shariah ProgressHigh2.50-3.6620.49--
AmAdvantage BrazilHigh-9.70-24.85-10.84--
RHB-OSK-GS US Equity FundMod2.8013.7715.48--
TA Global TechnologyMod6.5223.9114.18--
RHB-OSK Multi-Asset Recovery StrategyLow3.707.176.36--
Affin Hwang GrowthMod3.22-4.434.68--
Public Singapore EquityMod6.1911.269.24--
Am-Mateen Asia Pacific EquityMod9.5316.127.45--
AmAsia Pacific REITsHigh5.1713.1112.40--
AMB Dana NabeelLow1.443.282.90--
Public Islamic Treasures GrowthHigh7.26-5.728.61--
Public SukukLow2.245.403.59--
Hong Leong HK Equity OptimizerHigh20.597.746.83--
PB Asia Emerging GrowthMod16.6019.797.52--
PB BondLow2.084.843.45--
PB SukukLow2.485.703.68--
Public Ittikal SequelMod5.054.2011.71--
Affin Hwang China GrowthHigh31.9569.3323.25--
RHB-OSK AgricultureHigh-9.80-27.34-15.25--
RHB-OSK Global Food Islamic EquityLow1.263.136.28--
BIMB i DividendMod0.04-5.024.43--
RHB-OSK DepositsLow1.253.103.02--
Pacific ELITE Global DividendMod2.063.024.66--
RHB-OSK Capital Protected Dual OpptLow1.393.041.37--
Public Islamic SavingsMod3.443.349.20--
PB Growth SequelMod2.32-1.438.28--
Templeton Global Total Return MYR-1.660.26---
Templeton Asian Bond MYR--0.23-1.37---
Franklin US Opportunities MYR-10.1018.89---
RHB-OSK Emerging Markets BondLow5.5611.718.53--
AmConstant Multi Maturity 2Mod1.64-1.450.15--
AmIslamic Fixed Income ConservativeLow1.703.653.30--
RHB-OSK Focus Bond - Series 3Low0.525.777.91--
AmAsia Pacific Equity IncomeHigh13.5517.0817.86--
AmDynamic AllocatorLow7.7315.388.67--
Eastspring Investments Target Income FdLow2.035.716.64--
RHB-OSK Asian Income Fund-4.7414.52---
RHB-OSK Focus Bond Fund-Series 4-3.938.60---
Public Enterprises Bond FundLow2.234.793.39--
Public Strategic SmallCap FundHigh6.162.6011.28--
AmAdvantage Asia Pacific ex Japan Div-12.0413.98---
Affin Hwang Select SGD Income - MYR-6.018.78---
Affin Hwang Select SGD Income - SGD-6.338.67---
AmDynamic Sukuk-2.315.36---
PB Dynamic Allocation-13.2615.56---
AmIncome Flexi-1.161.04---
AmConstant SelectLow2.374.820.24--
TA Total Return Fixed Income-2.676.06---
AmGlobal Sukuk-3.8213.07---
CIMB Islamic Al-Azzam Equity Fund-4.820.20---
Manulife Investment-HW Shariah Flexi-5.93-1.97---
Affin Hwang Fixed Maturity Income V-1.013.67---
AmTactical Bond-2.937.30---
RHB-OSK Multi Asset Regular Income Fund-7.8217.65---
AmChina A-SharesHigh56.78165.9831.29--
Aberdeen Islamic World Equity I Class-6.258.85---
Aberdeen Islamic World Equity A Class-5.938.53---
Aberdeen Islamic Malaysia Equity I Class-4.162.23---
Aberdeen Islamic Malaysia Equity A Class-4.162.23---
AmAsia Pacific Leisure Dividend-3.07-3.02---
RHB-OSK Dana KidSave-7.391.37---
Affin Hwang Aiiman Select Income-1.962.05---
Affin Hwang Wholesale I--55.25-55.22---
Affin Hwang Aiiman Wholesale I--0.791.05---
Affin Hwang Aiiman Wholesale II-1.432.48---
Affin Hwang Aiiman Wholesale III-0.000.00---
Affin Hwang Aiiman Wholesale IV-1.413.41---
RHB-OSK Focus Bond -Series 5-7.597.17---
RHB-OSK Focus Bond -Series 6-4.702.53---
Eastspring Investments Bond Plus Fund-2.736.64---
RHB-OSK Focus Bond Fund - Series 7-7.316.62---
RHB-OSK Absolute Return-9.5515.15---
AmIncome Flexi 2-1.536.82---
AmIncome Flexi 3-1.437.69---
Affin Hwang Fixed Maturity Income VI-4.529.30---
Affin Hwang Fixed Maturity Income VII-3.287.39---
Pacific Dynamic AsiaPac Fund-6.4612.22---
AmAsia Pacific REITs Plus-7.0415.48---
Kenanga Asia Pacific Total Return-17.8524.34---
Affin Hwang Select Bond (USD hedged)-4.8818.82---
Eastspring Investments ASEAN al-Adiil-4.649.79---
Manulife Inv - Asia Target Maturity Bd-3.356.75---
Manulife Cash Management-1.293.07---
Manulife Shariah - Dana Ekuiti-6.841.51---
Manulife Shariah - Dana Sukuk-1.884.15---
CIMB Islamic Corporate Deposit Fund 1-1.493.52---
United RMB Income & Growth MYR-4.3814.00---
Templeton Global Total Return USD-5.0111.81---
Franklin US Opportunities USD-13.6232.49---
PB Mixed Asset Conservative Inc-2.252.21---
PB Balanced Sequel Acc--0.24-2.51---
PB Aiman Sukuk Inc-2.655.18---
Public Islamic Growth & Income Inc-1.991.87---
AMB Dana Aqeel (Capl Prot*) - Ser 2 MRY-1.472.63---
AMB Dana Aqeel (Capl Prot*) - Ser 2 SGD-1.582.47---
CIMB-Principal Global Multi Asset Income-2.954.88---
Global Multi-Asset Income USD-5.4414.47---
Global Multi-Asset Income MYR-2.343.25---
Global Multi-Asset Income AUD-0.46-2.40---
Global Multi-Asset Income SGD-3.625.64---
Affin Hwang Japan Growth-14.5234.41---
United Trigger Bond-4.93----
Janus Japan A HKD Hdg Acc-19.01----
Janus Japan A CNY Hdg Acc-20.78----
Janus Japan A AUD Hdg Acc-12.85----
Janus Japan A CAD Hdg Acc-10.46----
Janus Japan I USD Hdg Acc-19.52----
Janus Japan I EUR Hdg Acc-7.25----
Janus Japan I CNY Hdg Acc-21.34----
Janus Japan I JPY Acc-15.82----
Janus Japan Emerging Opps A HKD Hdg Acc-20.97----
Janus Japan Emerging Opps A CNY Hdg Acc-22.75----
Janus Japan Emerging Opps A AUD Hdg Acc-14.75----
Janus Japan Emerging Opps A CAD Hdg Acc-12.38----
Janus Japan Emerging Opps I USD Hdg Acc-21.66----
Janus Japan Emerging Opps I EUR Hdg Acc-9.08----
Janus Japan Emerging Opps I CNY Hdg Acc-23.37----
Janus Japan Emerging Opps I JPY Acc-17.82----
Janus Asia Frontier Mkts A HKD Acc-9.80----
Janus Asia Frontier Mkts A CNY Hdg Acc-11.53----
Janus Asia Frontier Mkts A AUD Hdg Acc-4.38----
Janus Asia Frontier Mkts A CAD Hdg Acc-2.02----
Janus Asia Frontier Mkts I USD Acc-10.35----
Janus Asia Frontier Mkts I EUR Hdg Acc--1.01----
Janus Asia Frontier Mkts I CNY Hdg Acc-12.04----
Janus Asia Growth Drivers A HKD Acc-12.95----
Janus Asia Growth Drivers A CNY Hdg Acc-14.61----
Janus Asia Growth Drivers A AUD Hdg Acc-7.34----
Janus Asia Growth Drivers A CAD Hdg Acc-5.00----
Janus Asia Growth Drivers I USD Acc-13.51----
Janus Asia Growth Drivers I EUR Hdg Acc-1.82----
Janus Asia Growth Drivers I CNY Hdg Acc-15.23----
Europe Equity Growth-22.62----
United Bond & Equity Strategic Trust-3.45----
FTSE Bursa Malaysia EMAS Shariah------
FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI------
United ASEAN Discovery Fund-8.44----
United RMB Income & Growth RMB------
United Income Plus Fund------
United Target Income Bond Fund------
CIMB-Principal Global Multi Asset Inc 2------
United Money Market------
Templeton Global Equity A (MYR)------
Templeton Global Equity A (USD)------
RHB-OSK Focus Income Bond Series 2-2.849.83---
RHB-OSK Entrepreneur-16.59----
RHB-OSK European Select------
Manulife Asian Small Cap Equity------

You can download the full list here Morningstar Malaysian Funds as of 2015 April 30 (excel .xlsx file).

So what is the highest return from top Malaysian funds over the last 10 years?

The answer is 17.44 % annualized return over the last 10 years generated by Kenanga Growth fund.

Kenanga Growth fund's performance since inception

Kenanga Growth fund’s performance since inception on 17 January 2000

A compounded return of 17.44 % over the last 10 years will turn RM 10 000 into RM 49 906.88. It multiplies your capital almost 5 times.

The second best answer is 16.50 % annualized return from Eastspring Investments Small-cap.

Eastspring Investments Small-Cap fund's performance since inception

Eastspring Investments Small-Cap fund’s performance since inception on 29 May 2001

And the third best fund is RHB-OSK Smart Treasure which is giving 15.75 % annualized return over the last 10 years.

RHB-OSK Smart Treasure fund's performance since inception

RHB-OSK Smart Treasure fund’s performance since inception on 07 September 2004

It is quite a rewarding return after all.

Further analysis of the data

Out of the 620 funds, there are only 220 funds that are older than 10 years. That are around 35.48 % (220 / 620 * 100 = 35.48) out of the total funds that last for more than 10 years.

Within these more-than-10-year-old-funds, 57 of them are returning 10 % or more annualized return. That are around 25.9 % (57 / 220 * 100 = 25.9). Assuming that no fund got killed at all during the investment lifetime (ignoring the survivorship bias), that means there is 1 out of 4 chances that the fund you invest in would have a return of more than or equal to 10 % annualized return if you simply holding it for 10 years. That is a no-brainer investment strategy: just buy and hold.

The returns between 2 % and 12 % are more common.

If we look further still, from the table and chart above, none of the more-than-10-year-old-funds actually loses money. They all have positive returns after 10 years. So, the longer term we invest, the less chance we lose money. Of course, the lowest return, which is 0.37 %, is lower than the inflation rate. It means the investor’s money is worth less than 10 years ago. So there is still (invisible) risk involved.

Further data like how many funds got killed during last 10 years is needed to complete the picture. But I can only see what I have access too.

There you are. With this information available, we should be able to make a better investment decision for ourselves. 🙂

Disclaimer: There is no recommendation to buy any fund mentioned in this post. Before making any investment decision, the readers need to do their own research and assessment.