The chart here shows my monthly dividend incomes generated from Malaysian stock market. It is pure passive income. No action is required from me to earn that income. The question I would like to answer from that chart is whether it is possible to depend solely on dividend income to live my entire life. This is an on-going experiment to test the hypothesis that it is possible to live with dividend income alone (Warning: it might fail. But the cost of failing is low comparing to the high pay-off when it works. That is kind of “heads I win, tails I don’t lose much” situation).

I started investing in stock market seriously since June 2013. The chart here shows the total accumulated dividend incomes since then. The word “accumulated” means the chart can only grow. There is no other possible outcome. And I like that. My intuition tells me that it might one day outgrow my total invested capital. My logical mind tells me that it is possible.

Yearly Dividend Summary

Yearsum PaymentGrowth (%)Monthly avg.
The table shows the total dividend income received for the whole year tracked since 2013 for Malaysian stocks, its growth compared to previous year and its monthly average (total dividend for that year divided by 12 months).