Here, I showcase the projects that I work on during free time.

Web App

  • English Dictionary

    English Dictionary

    English Dictionary

    This is the world simplest English dictionary with the simplest user interface that let you focus on the meaning of the words without being distracted by things that don’t matter. Focus on learning new vocabulary.
  • ISO20022 Payment Initiation XML File Validator

    ISO20022 Payment Initiation XML File Validator

    ISO20022 Payment Initiation XML File Validator

    Validate the xml syntax for ISO20022 PAIN file. Support version pain.001.001.03 and pain.008.001.02.

Mobile Game

  • L Game

    L Game

    L Game

    You can learn how to play this game from wikipedia. There is also a web version available here.
  • System 2

    Normal Game


    Challenge your slow thinking (System 2) by doing quick simple maths. For more detail about the game, read this post.


  • Bursa Screener

    Bursa Screener

    Bursa Screener

    The ultimate screener that includes all the common filters like DE (Debt-to-Equity ratio), Earnings Growth, ROE (Return-On-Equity), PE (Price-to-Earnings ratio), DY (Dividend Yield), Net Margin, etc. You can even know all the companies that are going to pay dividends in one click.
  • Bursa Mover

    The ultimate tool for finding top movers in Bursa Marketplace.

    The ultimate tool for finding top movers in Bursa Marketplace.

    Want to know how much the stock prices in Bursa have moved over last month? Here is the tool for getting the information. Find out the winning horses over the 30, 60, 90 or 180 days.

Forex Analysis

Web Scraper / Auto Data Collection

I am exploring the web scraper technology to collect data from the web. The collected data is stored to the databases.

  • Gold Price in Malaysia

    Gold Price in Malaysia Web Scraper

    Gold Price in Malaysia Web Scraper

    Gold price harvested from major Malaysian banks that come with gold investment account, namely Maybank, PublicBank, CIMB and UOB.
  • Currency Rate

    27+ current currency rates in exchange for 1 USD. The harvested data will be used for analysis of the currency’s trend.


These websites are built for learning purposes and for fun.

  • Reduce Spam - Disposable Email Service – Disposable Email Service

    Raise awareness about the damage cost by spam.
  • Own Ways

    One of my first websites.


The studies of randomness.

  • Infinite Monkey Theorem

    Is it able for a monkey to produce a meaningful text given an infinite amount of time?

  • Noise

    This is not conventional noise.

  • hong823

    I’m impress with the tools that customised for Malaysia market like Bursa Screener, Bursa Mover & Gold Price in Malaysia. I so far have never found any similar tools like that which is meant for Malaysia market use, most of them only focus on US market.

    I’m curious do you also develop your own app to track personal investment portfolio, like stocks, fundsupertmart, personal expenses, income and etc. which could show your personal nett worth in a glance.

    Great effort again for all these project!

    • The tools were developed many years ago and I don’t maintain them anymore except the Bursa Screener. Thank to you, I realised that the Bursa Mover had been broken. I just fixed it.

      For tracking personal investment portfolio, I do it manually since I follow simplistic approach to investing. Using excel is more than enough.

      I think we are spoilt by choices for apps to track expenses. There are too many to choose from in the app store. That being said, I don’t develop my own app for this.