Chok Leong

December 31, 2014

Here comes the end of December. My total dividend income for this month sets a new high of RM 514.26, finally breaking the RM 500 mark. The last record was broken 5 months ago in July. Wow, it takes time. Every cent counts. How long to go for the next record?



Below is the detail of the dividend income that I received during this month:

Payment Date Company Code Type Amount
04/12/2014 SUNREIT 5176 31.26
23/12/2014 HAPSENG 3034 Second interim 150
26/12/2014 DLADY 3026 Interim and special 110
26/12/2014 LIIHEN 7089 38.5
29/12/2014 PADINI 7052 22.5
30/12/2014 MBL 5152 First initerim 29
30/12/2014 P&O 6009 44
31/12/2014 GAB 3255 Final 89
Total 514.26

Note: The above info is just for recording purposes. There is no indication for buying or selling. The author bears no responsibility for any buying or selling decisions that you may make after reading this post.

Another thing to take note for this month is that my total accumulated dividend income since June 2013 above achieved a certain milestone: it breaks the RM 5k mark! Current value RM 5044.60. So the next milestone will be at RM 10k. Let see when can I meet that milestone.