Bursa Top Movers

Last month October, there was a trading contest KenTrade that lasted for one full month organized by Kenanga.

KenTrade Challenge

KenTrade Challenge

How to win a trading game with only one month? This is a purely speculative game. To win it, you need to be speculative (which I don’t advise people to do with their hard earned money)!

If I had a tool to let me know the current biggest movers in previous month, then I would be able to win the contest single-handedly by investing only a few stocks that had the highest movement over one previous month at the beginning of the contest and did nothing else for the rest of the month, assuming the stocks continued their momentum.

Yeah, I know, I am just dreaming. But it actually could work! Look at XOX (0165), it practically exploded during October. It was priced RM 0.085 on October 1st and ended on October 3Oth at RM 0.31 which translated into 264.7 % growth in one single month! You practically could win the contest with one single trade on one single company (in theory only). Ok, this is only hindsight wisdom.

XOX's price chart on 4 November 2015

XOX’s price chart on 4 November 2015

I didn’t have a tool for this kind of information. So I performed poorly. Earning only 6.5 % and ranked 437.

A tool for finding Bursa top movers

I thought it might be useful to have this information available when you need it. So, now, here is the tool.

The ultimate tool for finding top movers in Bursa Marketplace.

The ultimate tool for finding top movers in Bursa Marketplace.

It provides the price change info in percentage over a week, a month, 2 months, 3 months and 6 months periods.

It takes around 30 minutes to collect the data for the whole marketplace each time. You can download the data once it is done.

Here is the sample data download once the result was ready: Bursa Top Movers on 4 November 2015 before noon (.csv).

So, I am ready for another contest. 🙂 After all, it is just a gamble that I have nothing to lose. So, c’mon.