Money is My Honey

Today is the last day of February. It is a very meaningful month for me because my dividend income breaks a new record of RM 430.97 for the month. A quadruple increase from previous month! 

Below is the detail of the received dividend:

Payment Date Company Code RM
14/02/2014 HAPSENG 3034 Second Interim 80
18/02/2014 TAMBUN 5191 Interim 20
28/02/2014 MARCO 3514 Third interim 159.2
28/02/2014 TWRREIT 5111 101.04
28/02/2014 TWRREIT 5111 70.73
Total 430.97

If I can sustain such amount of dividend per month for a year, then I would literally generate a 13th or 14th month of salary for myself effortlessly. Of course, the end goal will be to increase my passive dividend income to a level that equates or exceeds my current salary. To achieve that, I would need to have 10 times my current investment capital. Well, still a long way to go.

Snippet: Meaningful February

A lot of events happen during this month:

  • Backed to hometown Miri for Chinese New Year. Read 5 books on investment .
  • My net worth crossed a certain milestone.
  • Have the highest dividend income for the month as of now.
  • Sarawak Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud resigned after 33 years of service.
  • KWSP announced 6.35 % of dividend for 2013.
  • Attended 7-habits class. Be internally strong. If you are a diamond, you don’t care people call you stone.
  • Changing project at work. Big, new challenges ahead.
  • Watched “The Journey” at Queensbay. Become part of the contributors to the Malaysian No. 1 local film of all-time.
  • My housemate got married and is moving out from BJ Court to stay with his wife.
  • 2nd anniversary for my Miri Oil and Gas Companies post. In conjunction to that, I posted another Oil and Gas list for Bintulu this month.
  • 1st anniversary for my iTradecimb stock trading account. It has been one year since the opening of my stock account. My greatest hope right now is to see the compounding effect at work by reinvesting my dividend incomes in the near future.