May 2014: Highest Dividend Income Month

This month, a new record was created. I received a total of RM 498.47 of dividends from stocks. The highest dividend income in a month that I ever had. My previous record was set in February 2014 with an amount of RM 430.97. This is a very encouraging sign. It makes me to start dreaming about my retirement life again. 🙂

The dividends were contributed by 7 companies below:

Date Company Code Type Payment (RM)
20/05/2014 CARLSBG 2836 112
20/05/2014 DLADY 3026 110
23/05/2014 CSCENIC 7202 Second interim 100
29/05/2014 SUNREIT 5176 28.93
30/05/2014 MAYBANK 1155 Final 93
30/05/2014 ATRIUM 5130 45.54
30/05/2014 ZHULIAN 5131 9
Total 498.47

Note: This is not a recommendation of any form to buy any of the company’s stocks above. Use your own judgement and bear your own risk.

Time for dividend reinvesting. 🙂

Dividend Reinvesting

Dividend Reinvesting

 Image source: RetireBy40

Dividend reinvesting is the key for compounding effect to work. I would like to see the compounding effect to take place as soon as possible. It would be fun and exciting. Once the compounding engine is started, it would be hard to turn it off. Let the snow ball roll!

Good news does not stop there. This morning I also got the RM 360 vouchers from my company for making a good choice to join the Koperasi (an ex-grocery store in the company where I work) about a year and half ago. The vouchers were given to all the Koperasi members (who joined for at least a year) as a result of the dissolution of the store. However, this is only a one time deal and the vouchers will expire after 1 June 2015.

SEC Voucher RM 360

SEC Voucher RM 360

Why and how the management had chosen SEC Electricare for the vouchers, I have no idea. A little background study on SEC (Star Electronics Sales & Services Sdn Bhd) reveals the following:

It has stores only in limited areas: Penang (Bukit Jambul, Dato Keramat, Farlim, Gurney Plaza, Jelutong, Penang Times Square, Sungai Dua, Tanjung Tokong), Seberang Perai (Alma, Bukit Mertajam, Chai Leng Park, Raja Uda, Jawi), Kedah (Alor Setar, Jitra, Kulim, Lagenda Heights, Landmark Central), Perak (Parit Buntar). So I cannot give the vouchers to my family who is not staying in these areas.

From its website:, it only showcases a limited number of items. Very disappointing. I counted, only 22 items.

I also went to one of its store near where I live at Bukit Jambul. I wanted to buy a mic for my laptop, but the salesman told me they don’t have that. He even referred my to go and find at the computer stores in BJ Complex.

So how should I make use of the vouchers? Is there anyone want to buy the vouchers for 10% discount?

End of report.